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My name is Patrick Kirsch. At the age of 14 months I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy took away my ability to walk without a mobility aid and also impacted my gross and fine motor skills.

In spite of these challenges, I refuse to let my disability dissuade me from my love of golf and life. It is with that aim that I set out now to play my first ever 18 holes of golf.


Me & My Education

The Man I Am


I learned at a young age that I was going to have to adapt to the world around me in a very unique way. But living with a disability allows me to have gratitude for those around me, humility, and an appreciation for the simpler things in life. With that in mind, one could say that I am a typical sports fan. Outside of golf, I enjoy motor racing and drag racing.


California State University

In the spring of 2020, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Human and Organizational Structure from California State University San Bernardino.


What is PLK?

PLK Inspirations

The Idea

This project is designed to showcase my golf journey and advocate for people with disabilities through the means of adaptive sport. PLK Inspirations is not just about my journey; it’s an idea.

No matter what limitations an individual may be facing, we can all still find a way to do what we love, inspire others, overcome personal obstacles, and achieve personal goals.

This idea first originated when I made the decision to not let my disability control my life. I finally came to the realization that I was letting cerebral palsy limit what I could do in my daily life. And because of that, I didn’t have access to everyday life experiences. I knew that something had to change. At that point, I decided that I was going to find adaptive ways to play golf and enjoy life’s experiences.


The stories of triumph and perseverance against the odds have inspired people for generations. Let’s change the notion of assuming that people with disabilities are incapable of something. Everyone is capable of incredible things, whether you are able-bodied or require assistance. Let’s share our stories of triumph and help to change what is possible for people with disabilities.


Through this journey, my mission is to advocate for and inspire people with disabilities through lifestyle and adaptive sport. Through advocacy, I hope to make the world a more welcoming and inclusive place for people with disabilities.


All of us have obstacles to overcome. But these obstacles should not limit us from doing what we love, even if that means finding adaptive solutions to enjoy daily activities.


My Recent Ventures


I recently branded.

My Online web store will be coming soon.

It is my intention to release various apparel items, such as: hats, T-shirts, polos, and various clothing items branding the PLK logo.

More information will be available shortly.

Stand Up And Play Foundation

I recently had the opportunity to meet with the great people from the Stand Up And Play Foundation.

The Stand Up and Play Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) 100% volunteer-based organization.

The Stand Up and Play Foundation is composed of individuals who donate their time and efforts to make active standing therapy a reality for everyone with mobility challenges.

Please support them in anyway you can.

Stand Up And Play Website

My Quest for 18

My goal is to play a full 18 holes of golf.

My local country clubs have been excellent and supportive in this venture.

I enjoy practicing at Oak Valley Golf Club and Redlands Country Club.

I am beyond grateful for the people at Oak Valley and Redlands for accommodating my needs as I continue to pursue my golfing journey.

Redlands Country Club | Oak Valley Country Club

The Paragolfer

On June 2, 2022, I stood hands-free for the first time. This was thanks to the Paragolfer. I can only describe this day as “life-changing.” The paragolfer gave me free range of motion, which, is something I had never experienced due to the limitations of being in a walker. Not only did this incredible piece of technology give me new-found mobility, but it also allowed me to play golf like I was never able to play before. The Stand up and Play Foundation allowed me to transcend my physical limitations. Therefore, the Paragolfer is essential to fulfilling my quest of playing 18 holes of golf."

If you wish to help me achieve my dream I have a go fund me campaign. I appreciate that not everyone may wish to, or be in a position to donate financially but if you support my message please follow my journey on Instagram.

My Instagram | Go Fund Me

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